How to sign-up for a trip*

2022/23 – Vancouver Skiers bus trips, and participation at all in-person club events, require that you be fully vaccinated (including eligible boosters) with a vaccine approved in Canada and have completed the 2-week waiting period for full immunity to develop. Click on the Zone4 link for info on sending in proof of vaccination.

Vancouver Skiers can sign-up for trips using one of the following methods:

Register online:

  • Go to the Trip Overview page and select a trip
  • Follow the link for online registration (Zone4 processing fees apply)
  • Be sure to review the trip cancellation deadline and policy (outlined below) prior to registering for a trip online

Register by mail:

  • Go to the Trip Overview page and select a trip
  • Review the trip cancellation deadline and policy (outlined below) prior to registering for a trip
  • Contact the trip leader (contact information is on each trip page)
  • After the trip leader confirms space is available, send a cheque (see guidelines below) and the completed Trip Sign-up Strip to the Trip Leader.

Note: You must be a Vancouver Skiers member to sign up for a club trip
See Become a Member and sign up or renew your annual membership

Printable Trip Schedule

Download our Printable Trip Schedule for a PDF copy of the Vancouver Skiers trips scheduled for the 2022/23 season.

Guidelines for writing a cheque

  • Make cheques payable to The Vancouver Skiers
  • Indicate the trip name/date on the front of your cheque
  • Write your name on the cheque if you share a joint bank account
  • Cheques may be post-dated, but no later than 32 days prior to the trip departure date

Trip Cancellation Policy

  1. For cancellations made on or before the cancellation date published on the trip page members receive a full refund of the amount paid (members who paid for trips online [via Zone4] will be refunded trip fees minus the processing fee).
  2. Members do not receive a refund for cancellations made less than 32 days prior to the trip start date.

Exceptions are as follows:

  • If the Vancouver Skiers trip has a waitlist and a replacement is available, the member will receive a full refund (members who paid online will be refunded the trip fee, minus processing fees)
  • If there is no waitlist for the trip, a member can arrange for another member to take their place. Approve the replacement skier with the Trip Leader first (the replacement skier should be the same gender).
  • If a member cancels a trip due to injury, illness, or a family emergency—the Vancouver Skiers may refund 50% of the amount paid (members who paid online will be refunded 50% minus processing fees). The member must apply in writing to the Executive, who will determine whether the refund application will be accepted.

Please advise the trip leader if you are unable to attend a trip so the bus is not waiting for you at the departure point.

If the Vancouver Skiers Executive cancels a trip (due to insufficient registrants, poor snow conditions, etc.), a full refund will be issued.


All refunds will be issued through the Vancouver Skiers, including those who registered online. Please note Zone4 (online registration portal) does not process refunds.

If you are cancelling a trip more than 32 days in advance of the trip departure date, please contact your Trip Leader. If you are cancelling a trip less than 32 days prior to the trip departure date, please inform the Trip Leader.

Pick-up Locations


Ontario Street and East 30th. Our pick-up location is the Nat Bailey Stadium parking lot right at 30th & Ontario.

You can no longer come north on Ontario Street from 33rd Avenue (like many of us used to do) because Ontario Street is blocked to car traffic halfway between 33rd and 30th Avenue. The only ways to reach the bus parking lot at Ontario & 30th are to come westbound along East 30th Avenue from Main Street; or, if coming from the west, along Paveril Avenue and turning right (south) on Ontario Street. Google Map

Overnight parking is permitted on the west side of Ontario Street between 30th & 29th and 29th & 28th. There’s also overnight parking on the north side of E. 30th between and Ontario & James St, and on E 29th between Ontario and Main. Do check the parking signs carefully as there are residential and event parking and parking restrictions in the area that vary from block to block. During the winter there is market on Saturdays and this is considered a stadium event and parking is restricted. 


Trev Deeley Kootenay street (TDK); just 1 block from the old BL location. Pick-up and drop-off is in the Trev Deeley parking lot at the back of the dealership, on Kootenay street. There is also a sheltered area at the back of the building. Google Map

Overnight parking is available on Boundary Rd, 2nd and 4th Avenues west of Boundary Rd, and on Kootenay Street between 2nd and 4th Avenue. Please do not park in the Trev Deeley parking lot; it’s for pick-up and drop-off only. As a courtesy to Trev Deeley we ask that you don’t park on the east side of Kootenay Street to leave room for their customers and museum visitors.

Our old BL (Boundary & Lougheed) location is no longer accessible due to construction. Trev Deeley, the Harley Davidson dealership just up the road, is kindly allowing us to use their parking lot on Kootenay street for pick-up & drop-off.  Their address is 1875 Boundary Rd, but again, the pick-up and drop-off  is in the parking lot at the back on Kootenay street, between 2nd and 4th Avenues. 


Langley – Sandman Hotel, 8855, 202 Street, Langley (north side of the highway). Exit at 58 (200 Street, Langley) and then take 200 Street north to 88 Avenue. Turn right on 88 Avenue, and go straight to 202 Street. Turn left on 202 Street, left to enter the hotel, and right into the parking lot. Google Map


West Vancouver – Please board the bus in the parking lot of St. Davids Church. St. Davids is at the Upper Levels Highway and Taylor Way. Do not leave your car in the church parking lot. This pickup location is for westbound trips only. Google Map 

Room Allocation Policy:

Trip costs are based on shared accommodation. The majority of hotel rooms have two queen or two double beds, we normally assign two people per room and each person will have their own bed (some exceptions apply). Unless otherwise requested—rooms will be allocated by the same gender.

If you wish to share a room with a particular person, please ensure both parties clearly indicate this on the sign-up strip and/or notify the trip leader. Couples may be allocated a room with only one double/queen/king bed.

SilverStar: Room configurations for this trip are an exception. SilverStar hotels provide rooms with one and two-bedroom units, some rooms have a sofa-bed or an alcove with bunk beds. Members staying in a regular bed or lower bunk will pay the regular trip price. Members staying in an upper bunk, alcove, or sofa-bed will inform the trip leader after the trip as they qualify for a rebate. If you are unwilling or unable to stay in any of rebated bed types, please note this on the signup sheet. The trip leader will do their best to accommodate your preference. Note: standard beds are limited and you may go on to a waitlist if your bed choice is unavailable.

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