2023 Events

AGM Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Sunrise Community Hall

1950 Windermere Street, Vancouver

Doors open at 6 pm

AGM starts at 7 pm

We will have pizza and beverages

There will be an invite distributed by email in mid April.  Please sign up via invite so we can plan food accordingly.

Social Club Night Venue:

Sunrise Community Association Hall.

1950 Windermere Street (top of the hill at Sunrise Park)

Doors open 6:30 pm…presentations ~ 7-9pm

Feel free to bring your own beverage (water bottle/ thermos of tea) 

                          Cookies will be complimentary!

Come on out to the Club meeting!… Feel welcome to invite a friend ….

Marvel at stories and photos, meet up with fellow members,

have a cookie, share your adventures, ask questions, mingle and enjoy!

-Parking available in area

-Bus stop at Rupert and 5th 

-Rupert Metro Station south of E Broadway

Social Club Night ….Tuesday March 12th, 2024

Hiking the Shinetsu trail, island of Honshu Japan .. October 2023

With Joanne Rankin and Beverley Maxwell

Join Joanne and Beverley as they share their adventures of exploring the Shinetsu trail, a system of old trading routes dating back to feudal times, on the island of Honshu in Japan. The group enjoyed perfect hiking weather and gorgeous autumn colours. Come and discover why they concluded the tour should be marketed as ‘Hiking and Eating on the Shinetsu Trail’ !!

Also Mini—presentation 

          ..short introductory talks..10-15 mins to follow main presentation

Have a story to tell? Curious about the process of putting a story into print?…Following the main presentation, club member Joan Boxall will share her experiences of the ups and downs of writing a book and share “How I got published” !

Social Club Night ….Thursday Feb 15th, 2024

Cycling Sicily’s southern coast

With Roz Scarnell and Ross Nichol

Join Roz and Ross as they share their adventures cycling along the south coast of Sicily following the SIBIT bike route from Trapani in the west to Siracuse in the east.  The 600 km route passes through small fishing villages and magnificent baroque towns and world famous archeological sites.  Montalbano fans can also see the locations where the film series was shot!

Spectacular scenery, a rich culture and history together with warm friendly people made this a memorable trip along with the few adventures we had along the way!

Also Mini—presentation  ( (Below presentation deferred….. Mini-presentation time slot available for Feb Anne through if interested)               

          ..short introductory talks..10-15 mins to follow main presentation

Club members Mo Iqbal and Diane Fast will briefly talk about their experience with the creating the Maria-Helena Foundation…and their efforts to reduce poverty by supporting education, skills training of women and health care of children.. in South Asia (primarily Pakistan) 

Social Club Night …Tuesday Jan 16th/2024cancelled due to snow 

Hiking the Shinetsu trail, island of Honshu Japan .. October 2023

        (re-scheduled for Tues March 15th  /2024)

Social Club  Night… Tuesday Nov 21st, 2023

Cycling ‘France en Velo’…St Malo to Nice  … Sept 2021

With Richard Cameron and Lynn Brockington

Lynn and Richard will present the cycling trip they made to France in September 2021. Over 4 weeks they rode from St Malo on the English Channel to Nice on the Mediterranean, following “France en Velo”. This 1700 km route took them along rural roads through magnificent landscapes and charming villages. Amazing! There will be time available for Q & A

Also introducing Mini—presentations

          ..short introductory talks..10-15 mins to follow main presentation

To continue on a cycling theme….Club members Berni Koppe and Jean Matthewson will briefly talk about their experience with the Newcomer Bike Mentorship Program . A program that matches recent immigrants and refugees with local volunteer ‘mentors’.

VS Annual Wine & Cheese – Tuesday October 24, 2023

Italian Cultural Center – 3075 Slocan Ave

6:30pm – doors open

7:00pm – welcome speech followed by trip sign up

Thank you to Anna Bentley and her crew for catering

We will be sending an email in early October with an invite for you to sign up online.  Please remember to sign up so we can plan for food.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone

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